Aurora / Ar

Warm Dusk with line-style Aurora  -  Cold White with points-style Aurora
Warm Dusk with line-style Aurora - Cold White with points-style Aurora

Aurora is a marking that mimics the light phenomenon Aurora Borealis, aka northern lights.
As a marking Aurora is designed to give you creative freedom to make your centaur truly unique.

Marking edges

Aurora allows you to mix edges. See examples below!

Marking rules

  • Aurora must cover at least 10%, up to max 50% of the centaur.
  • Aurora can show 1-3 color hues in the design. 
  • Aurora is only pigment, so it cannot glow or sparkle.
  • Aurora color slider can be used with centaurs hair and free areas

Click the banner to enter Marking Range folder! 

Ways to display Aurora on your centaur

These are few examples of the ways aurora can show on the centaurs design. Do note, that you are not limited to these options, but the markings design needs to resemble northern lights, and stay withing the percent coverage limits.

Aurora's affect on face

With Aurora, you can let your creativity flow! Above are only few examples, but you can create your very own looks for your centaur. Aurora can be used to make unique face patterns. Do remember design rules, so no copyrighted material or other references! Max 3 color rule also stands with face, and face patterns colors must match the rest of Aurora around the body. Face patterns do not count into the % coverage limit. 

Aurora's color palette. It is recommend picking the markings colors from this palette,
but you can modify the lightness/darkness to fit your centaurs other colors.

Real life examples

These examples represents what the marking is based on. Please keep the marking rules in mind when designing, and don't rely too heavily on real life things carrying the same name. These examples can work as an inspiration, not direct references.

Example sources:
- All aurora photos are by Stein Egil Liland