1. April - Divine Retrial: EARTH


It is here, our first ever official lore event! Brace yourself as ancient foe emerges and carve your path as an Attacker or Defender! And not only that, with this event we are introducing our new centaur type into the game: URSINES.
Ursine imports, species information page and marking ranges will be published closer to events end. 

And while this long event is running, Sagistaff will have time to tickle some game mechanic issues that have been left disregarded¨ for way too long. I can't say for sure when or what updates will be made or in which order, but there is plans to better different areas to hopefully get the gameplay smoother. And polish some existing markings for example ;) 

That being said, enjoy the event, and make some new bear friends! ♥

  • Divine Retrial: EARTH event has BEGUN
    This large event will last throughout April and May. See the end date and time from event page. 
    Other group activities will roll normally alongside the event.
  • Prelude. minievent has closed! 
    All event entries submitted to exp rolling queue before these news are still eligible for loot rolls.

  • Tectonic, a new rare marking page is still under construction!
    This marking and it's info page will properly open before the event ends. Take a sneak peak on this large giraffe like blotching gene from S-020 Cho Oyu !

  • Chimerism, a new mutation page is still under construction
    This mutation and it's info page will properly open before the event ends, and Chimerism will enter random mutation list after the event!

  • Lore page updated!
    Check here if you feel lost about what's been going on or whats currently happening in the isle.

  • Giants got their own page.
    Read more about the Earth Giant there!

  • Weather phenomenon has been updated!
    The Earth Giant is causing sinkholes to appear all around the isle this month!

  • Height chart got updated with Ursine taurs on species information -page.

  • New admins have been introduced into the team! Welcome DayDav and Dinorat! ♥


  • Marking list has been rearranged into alphabetical order!
  • We noticed there was missing information with professions: When the game launched, the first profession rank was achievable at Commoner. But it was later increased to be achievable at Lord -rank and that is the current rank your taur needs to be to unlock the first profession level. While this info was updated to Profession page, Rankings page was forgotten and it's been haunting there since. But now it has been corrected to Rankings page as well! 
  • Apparently Blessed Parent details were only on Traits page! Now Breedings page also FINALLY has info related to what is Blessed Parent and how does it work.


- Please remember, that your entries need to be accepted into the group before you can post them to any loot claiming threads or use in breedings! Rule of a thumb to remember is, that once you receive exp, then you can actually use the entry.

- We have also noted lots of centaurs attempting to get through rank-locked stuff around the group without having the correct rank. So this is your reminder to double check if the thing you have submitted your centaur to had a rank requirement!