1. August - Time to RESEARCH


Launch Fest is now a beloved memory behind us, and new adventures are waiting for their explorers! 

> August update launches Researches with 2 research titles! 

Researches are activities where you can affect on when new features arrive to the game. These two starting researches present an activity modifier Weather Phenomenon as well as character building mechanism Relationships. Both of these will be introduced to the game, but when and in which first? That is in the community's hands.

> Our Story page has been launched!

On this page we will collect highlights of Sagittari ARPG's story. Let's hope it will grow long, beloved and eventful! 


> Please remember, that Loot can only be redeemed after your activity has been rolled for EXP and accepted to the correct group gallery!
> Free markings are under same rules as other inheritable markings. If a marking has a rule that it sits on top of all other markings, that includes free markings as well.
> This is a wish from our admins, to remember to mark the EXP point in numbers as well as list the bonus names.
For example: Lineart - 4 exp. Feature both the bonus name, as well as the number. This will help our counting.
> Another EXP related reminder is, that you can only get either Sketch bonus, or Lineart bonus, not both!
> Introvert and Extrovert -traits need a background to activate, so pagedolls don't activate those trait bonuses
> All traits you want to apply to art should be ON the centaur at the time of submission.


- Stat points
Stat points were missing their application thread. Now it has been corrected, and you can find the link to stat applys from
Stat point page, as well as Character Creation journal hub. This apply thread is for stat boosting items, and stat applicators. Remember that stat boosting equipment has their own thread through import updates!

Kintsugi got a rule clarification 
The idea of Kintsugi wasn't clear before, but now it got the clarification that it needs to present golden (orange/yellow) hues. That will make it present the marking's idea better.

- Top surgery customization
The ways to present ftm transition in imports has been asked frequently, and has now been updated under
Scar customization item. You can remove breasts with 1 x Scar item combined with 1 x Body Build Modifier.
- Scars got a rewording to it's ruling as well: One used Scar items allows you to put multiple scars on the body.

- Wave got a rule clarification 

Wave shouldn't be too swirly to resemble Tabby or Tribal.

- Literature counting change
If wordcount is uneven, it's rounded to closest hundred. In the style of: 100 <- 149. 150 -> 200.