1. December - Happy Holidays!

How did this year go past so quickly?! We have reached December, and first holiday season for Sagittari. On behalf of wonderful Sagistaff team, I'd like to thank you all for this amazing first half year-ish of Sagittari madness! ♥ 

For Sagi, Holiday time is the season to calm down. We won't officially close down any queues or announce admin hiatuses, but a little heads up that things might slow down as we are swallowed by Holiday. 

  • Import background giveaway: Sleepy Snowfields
    As our gift to you all, each member can claim one use of this wonderful, dreamy snowfield! Enter the giveaway HERE!

  • Unique Import raffles: 0401 - Lady Claudia & 0402 - Lord Nicholaus
    Make way for this snazzy duo! Read more about their raffle HERE!

  • Lore so far -page added
    What exactly has been happening in the Sagi isle so far? 

  • SagiStaff team is complete for now
    Thank you once again to all you who sent an admin application! We got in 3 new amazing beans to strengthen our team. If you still haven't met the team behind Sagi, see them on our Admins page! We are feeling confident that we're going to do fine with our current staff team, so new admin positions most likely won't open any time soon.

  • Afterparty shop closed
    And the waiting purchase requests will be handled soon! ♥ 

  • Souls Scenery background item
    What is the scenery where your soul feels at home? We got a new crafting recipe for an import background item that lets you craft yourself one use of limited time event backgrounds! 


  • Merle's rules have been updated on how Hue affects the marking. 
  • Amputation clarification:  As amputation is such an drastic and permanent change, it needs to be added into an import before it can be pictured in artworks.
  • Kintsugi got Max/Min width for it's cracks
  • Recolor needs to follow color mutation rules