1. March - Prelude.


Prelude. minievent has started!

Prelude. is a minievent that will run through March, leading to our first Lore Event which will run from start of April to end of May. Prelude. offers lore prompts for your centaurs to prepare for upcoming catastrophe which is being summoned to their isle by a mysterious figure.

Taking part in Prelude. isn't mandatory and won't affect to prompts and rewards that will come in the lore event. 

Read through the event rules from Prelude.'s page, and have fun! 


  • Traveling Battleboss N-06 Sadik has retreated back to shadows and cannot be challenged anymore. Battle entries submitted to exp submission queue before these news are still eligible to be rolled for battle result. 
  • Weather Phenomenon has changed: It is looking very foggy....
  • Chronicle appearance's got official EXP bonus. This bonus is directly applied to centaurs who got randomly rolled an appearance in our official lore snippets. 
  • Rule clarification on activity literatures: Most of literature AR rolls wordcount needs to focus on the depicted activity itself. This added on Battles, Explores, Survivals and Researches.
  • Adoption center page still had Launch Event related info, those have now been deleted to not cause confusion!
  • Charm of Fortune got a description (finally). You can find it from crafting, under the charm itself. 
  • Sleepy Snowfields background is now craftable through Souls Scenery!
  • Disclaimer added to customization and General Design Guide pages about referencing to past accepted designs.
  • Centaurs breeding slot amount per rank has been actually added to breeding page now as well! 
  • Trait amount increases per rank got also updated to traits page!


When writing a literature entry with EXP boosting bonuses, such as Weather Phenomenon, Nocturnal/Diurnal, Villager, these bonus activating aspects must be active and visible to reader throughout the story! A side note isn't enough. Admins reading through the literature need to be able to spot these bonus granting aspects through the whole literature.