14. August - First AFFILIATE


Mid-month mini update! 

Hello dear Sagifolk! We have a very fun mini update for you guys, with two news:

> We have tied our very first Affiliate relationship, with the wonderful Soar-ARPG group!

This affiliate is currently visible through brand new Affiliate -EXP bonus. By featuring a creature from an Affiliate group, your centaur will receive +2 EXP points. Read more details from EXP page!

We also have plans for shared events in the future, and other tied shenanigans. 

> To celebrate 200 uploaded imports, we are launching our first Unique Import Raffle!

Meet Raindancer, custom-made Canine male import. He carries the 0200 ID number and prances happily on Approaching Storm import background.

Read more about how to enter his raffle HERE.

This raffle will be open till 1. September. 2023, closing on 15:00 / 3pm EEST
See the countdown for that date and time for easier following HERE.


That's all for now! Bigger site updates will be published on 1. September, with some new stuff. ;)
Seeya in few weeks! ♥