15. October - Mini updates with COMIC EXP


Hello dear Sagifolk, I hope you've been having a good spooky month so far! Here's some little updates and reminders. Remember to read through them carefully as always, before running back to ghosthunting!

  • Comic EXP guide has been published! Check them at the end of EXP page.
    About time, am I right? Let your creativity flow, as now comics will get their exp counted properly without loosing any points. Our comic rules are based on Repeat panel points. We hope that these points are clear to you, and inspire you to create comics! 
    As this is a new feature, there might come changes later after we see how this feature rolls out in practice.

  • Fullbody, Halfbody and Headshot guides have been updated! Check them in EXP page.
    It can be challenging to pull the line between Fullbody and Halfbody. We hope this new guide will make this easier not only for the admin team, but for you players as well. Please remember to pay attention on activities especially, where fullbody presentation is often required.

  • Hairstylist added to shop!
    Somehow it was sneaky and slipped out of my memory. Now it has been updated there with the same price as other custom items.

  • Stat boosting items added to Stat page
    Stat boosting items have been quite a mystery before this. They have finally been updated to Stat point page, explaining where you can find them and how they work.

  • Rest of this month left to challenge Hawari and take part to Hallow's Eve -event!
    Our first battleboss N-04 Hawari can be challenged till the end of this month. He will officially retreat back to the shadows when November 1st news are published. Remember that all battle activity entries, including challengers, PVP battles, bosses and traveling bosses need to present fighting in the entry.

    And this is also a reminder, that Events unlock at Commoner rank! My apologies for not mentioning it clearly in the event page itself. It has been now added to the page! I do recommend taking a look at Rankings to see what your Rankless centaurs can and cannot yet do on the start of their journey.

Weather Phenomenon -research has closed!
You have been busy researches, and completed the Weather Phenomenon research topic! Good job everyone!
Weather Phenomenon rewards can still be claimed if you have submitted your research entry to the group submission queue before 9th. October, 21:00 / 9 PM, when the research closed. 

Weather Phenomenon activity modifier will go live on November first updates. 

Relastionships research topic is still ongoing, and I have heard whispers that Hyacintha and Theodros have another research topic where they need your help. Stay tuned!