15. September - Admin positions open, Mechanics updates

Hello dear Sagifolk! The game has been rolling now for about 3 months, and during that time we have been inspecting how the game mechanics technically work in the game. It's been fascinating seeing the game alive and in action, but this has also brought up aspects and areas that need some adjusting and reworking. That's why these mid-month updates are filled with game mechanism updates and changes. So let's dive right in!

  • We are hiring 2 new admins! Read more here!
    The game is growing faster than we can currently keep up. Help is mostly needed with exp, rankings and loot rolling
  • Our DeviantArt group has 3 new wonderful folders: Healing, Breeding, Professions.
    Previously entries belonging to those categories went to Misc. folder. But now things should hopefully be bit more clear!
    Please remember to post your entries to correct folders from now on.
  • Say goodbye to Survivalist profession, and welcome Fisher and Gatherer!
    Survivalist -profession has been divided into it's own separate professions related to the Survival -activity sub-categories.
    If your centaur already has Survivalist -profession, you can freely update it to either Hunter, Fisher or Gatherer at Profession applications.
  • On note of Professions, the Rank requirements for profession level up's have been increased
    We have noticed that leveling up and climbing through ranks can be rather quick and easy, which makes accessing higher profession levels bit too easy as well. So for game balancing reasons, we have decided to increase the needed rank requirement:

    Level 1 -> From Commoner to LORD
    Level 2 -> From Lord to BARON
    Level 3 -> From Squire to DUKE

    All profession applications posted to Professions thread before these news will be processed with old ranks. But all profession requests after these news will need to follow the updates rank requirements.
  • Injury chance %'s have been lowered, and new Vulnerable -trait added
    We have noticed that there's been much more injuries rolled than originally was anticipated. So we have been doing some adjustments for injury chances, so that they remain the rare, unfortunate surprise they were intended to be.
  • Passing of Stats and Traits in breeding has been lowered, new traits added
    Seeing the passing percents in action, we have noticed that traits and stats pass bit too generously. So we have lowered the base percents for them, but also added new traits for a chance to keep those sweet delicious traits and stats passing to offspring:
    Gifted - Increased chance for this centaurs offspring to inherit parents trait/s
    Prodigy - Increased chance for this centaurs offspring to inherit some of parents stats points.
  • EXP adjustment for literature collabs aka roleplay literatures
    There's a limited amount of exp one can get from collabed artwork even with all the bonuses, but literature rp's can collect large amounts of exp very quickly. So to balance EXP gain methods, we have decided to make own counting rules for literature rp's. Please read more from Experience points
  • Starters / NPC's never give any EXP bonus, unless stated otherwise.
    This was previously unclear, but now we have set on this ruling. As Starters/NPC cannot replace a player-owned centaur in activities, they cannot give exp boosts either.
  • Shop price adjustments!
    Inflation has hit on Sagi isle it seems. As we have observed how quickly in-game currency can be collected, we have decided to increase some prices in the shop. Healing Potion also got added to shop! 

    All shopping requests waiting in queue will be processed with old prices. Requests posted after these news will follow the new prices.


  • Every centaur needs to have their OWN individual exp form in artwork / literature description. No one big exp form shared between all, as centaurs can have different exp related bonuses.

  • Your centaur needs to be active in literature to get points. If there's large chunks where they are not mentioned or don't affect the story, they don't get points. This has been already mentioned in previous reminders and is written on the website, and this will be last reminder about this subject.

  • One activity / game mechanic, for example a profession or healing, per entry. One entry cannot feature multiple different activities. This is to keep processing artworks / lits easier for admins.

  • Blessed Parent entry can feature only one couple, others are allowed for exp.

  • Extrovert and Introvert apply to literature!