Official launch of Isle of Sagittari ARPG is ON.

Launch fest is on! Let's kick this ARPG going! ヽ(⌒▽⌒)ノ

I am beyond happy to be finally able to officially open Sagittari ARPG. It's been a passion project in the making for a long time, and now I want that creative passion to spread to you. Let's make this a fun journey together! ♥

  •  Adoption center has been opened!

From today on you can request to adopt your very own centaur. All centaurs adopted during the launch fest will be given out without lineage. Head over to Adoption center to read more! 

  • Raffles!

In celebration of the launch we are raffling off semi custom bundles and slot vouchers to our starters. Read more about these raffles here

  • Special USD shop has opened!

This shop will remain open through the whole launch fest. Click HERE to enter the shop! Remember to read through the shops description before making purchase decisions. 


After some consideration, I decided that removable paints serve the members better than tattoos. Body Paint has updated rules, and wider coverage than Tattoos allowed.

To help you get to know what kind of beings live in the isle besides centaurs. This page follows the official lore line, but you as a player don't need to faithfully follow it. You can feature other beings and ARPG critters in your Sagittari stories even if they're not mentioned in the Other beings -page.

  • Marking rule clarifications:

- Hue can have only one point of colour-shift origin, meaning the hue needs to travel to one direction only.