Sabino / Sb

Warm Dawn with sharp edge drawn Sabino  -  Cold Grey with texture brush Sabino
Warm Dawn with sharp edge drawn Sabino - Cold Grey with texture brush Sabino

Sabino is irregular, dense spotting of white on centaurs coat and skin, resembling snowflake pattern. It is a broken, speckled marking and should not be as uniform as Pinto.

Marking edge

Marking rules

  • Sabino has no layering restrictions and can sit over or under other markings.
  • Sabino can sit anywhere on the centaurs body. It can cover about 20-50% of the body. The original basecolor must be visible under it.
  • Sabino's color should always be from slightly off-white to pure white.
  • Sabino is not inverted spotting, meaning it's not only individual white spots. Sabino has to have a solid white part from where the speckles spread out. See the examples!
  • Sabino is one large cluster, and it cannot be present as multiple clusters around the body.

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How do I design Sabino? There are two acceptable ways: Sharp edge Pen & Eraser way, or textured way. You can choose whichever fits your skills or design better. Pro tip: You can also mix these two ways! 

Suggested colorslider for Sabino. Sabino shouldn't go darker or more saturated than the provided sliders darkest points. 

Real life examples

These examples represents what the marking is based on. Please keep the marking rules in mind when designing, and don't rely too heavily on real life markings carrying the same name. These examples can work as an inspiration, not direct references.  

Reference sources: