Skeleton / Ske

Cold Black -  Cold White
Cold Black - Cold White

Skeleton is a marking that shows markings mimicking skeletal structure and bones.

Marking edge

Marking rules

  • Skeleton has no layering rules and can sit over or under anything.
  • Skeleton can be darker or lighter than the base color. Markings color must be similar with basecolors saturation value. The color can be picked from the basecolor slider or natural color slider.
  • Skeleton has an exception where the marking can be presented as pure white, despite the basecolor.
  • At minimum skeleton must show markings resembling at least 2-5 bones. They can be individual ribs, vertebrae, radius or femur bones, your choise. 
  • There isn't currently maximum rule on expressing Skeleton. If you so wish, you can picture every bone in centaurs body. But it is recommended to consider how challenging the pattern is to recreate and draw.
  • Skeleton markings can be simplified and stylized, no anatomical accuracy is required. Only requirement is that it can be recognized to reference the skeletal structure underneath.

This marking doesn't have set ranges!