1. February - Relationships


Hello dear Sagifolk, and hello February! This month's update brings you finally the Relationship mechanic you members managed to unlock through Research. There's some updates also on Basecolor sliders, as well as new black and white sliders! Hopefully these will help you and give some design confidence. ♥ Again please read carefully through the updates and reminders!

Thank you for your patience with us as we are starting our engines back after our holiday hurries! 

  • Relationships are live!
    Your hard work completing Relationships research has now brought this character building mechanism into the game! 

    We are starting this mechanism with 5 different relationship types your centaur can tie with other players centaurs, or with your own taurs. Depending on how this addition is welcomed, more relationship types might arrive in the future. Current starting limits on how many relationships your centaur can form might also increase.
  • Basecolor slider adjustments
    Black shades got some rework with the darkest points being removed! Previously the sliders had darkest points with 100% black which caused confusion in design approvals. Warm Black shade also got some tone adjustment to take it further away from brown shades.
    Warm Grey also got slightly desaturated! It was previously so brown it was close to Brown basecolor tones.
    Natural color slider also got rid off the 100% black darkest corner!

  • Black and White sliders are also here! About time am I right?
    These sliders can be found from Basecolor page, as well as from those markings pages which need to be black or white.


  • Traveling battle boss: N-06 Sadik can be still challenged till the end of February! 
    There's still time to snatch Cape marking off him before he goes into hiding to lick his wounds. All battle entries against Sadik posted to exp submission queue until February 29th, 23:00 / 11pm EET will sill be rolled for battle result.
    Follow this countdown to see how much time there's left.


  • February weather phenomenon is EARTHQUAKES
  • Scars update on customization page: Added the missing rule on how to add additional scars with limb amputation or top surgery.
  • Customization clarifications: It wasn't well written that when customizing your centaurs, they should still represent their original type. Centaurs cannot be customized to look like a species that isn't part of the game, or other centaur type. Centaurs should also keep their humanoid face structure.
  • Injury update: It was notices that there isn't a clear list on where your centaurs can get themselves hurt. This list has now been added to Healing page!