1. January 2024 - Let the new year BEGIN


And so starts a new year, and new schemes and challenges for Sagians to conquer! 
We ask for your patience as SagiStaff returns slowly but surely back to work. ♥ Here's some January news and updates!

  • Be aware while walking during dark, as we have a new traveling battle boss: N-06 Sadik!
    Sadik can be challenged from 1st of January, till the end of February. Defeating Sadik rewards you 1 x slot to him.

  • Sadik brings with him a new uncommon marking: Cape !
    Cape is currently available only through Sadik. When Sadik retreats back to shadows, Cape will become an available gene to lost centaur genos. If you still have unclaimed semicustoms, they cannot obtain Cape.

  • Weather Phenomenon updates!
    January's weather forecast is Continuous Aurora Borealis. These magical northern lights dance on the sky through day and night. Weather Phenomenon page got also some info added to make it more clear to understand.

  • A new Nomad-only profession: Thief!
    Centaurs with this profession have a chance to "steal" from other centaurs in the same AR entry. This is a wacky new profession, and we can't wait to see it in action! Read more about how Thief works at professions!
    As Thief is a new profession, constructive feedback is warmly welcomed on how easy it is to understand, and if it's deemed interesting. 

  • Chronicle Cameos
    Have you seen our lore snippet stories Sagittari Chronicles? There's now a chance for your centaur to make an appearance as a background character! 
    Please submit your cameo candidate into this comment thread!
    All cameos are randomly rolled from available centaurs, and will receive appropriate EXP from their appearance.

  • Website illustrations
    I am bored on how colorless our website looks. That's why I'm asking you for the best thing Sagi ARPG has to offer: incredible player centaurs and artwork featuring them! We are looking for artwork that could be used as decorations throughout the website, illustration on activities, and banner art. 
    Please read full disclosure on artwork usage in submit form here!
    There is no deadline when this form is closed. 

  • Relationships -Research topic has been completed and closed!
    As this happened during Holidays, closing this research topic was left behind. My apologies if that cause confusion or upset! Due to holiday times, Relationships page hasn't been finished either. So stay tuned for Relationships arriving to the game during February!


  • Healing, added a missing info : If player has multiple centaurs injured, they can heal max 2 of their own centaurs in same entry.