1. September - First TRAVELING BOSS with NEW MARKING

Happy September everyone! This month we are bringing on lots of new stuff, but also a bunch of website updates. So let's dive in!

  • First traveling boss - N-04 Hawari
    An unknown figure has started wandering around the isle. No-one recognizes who he is, but you can feel his sinister aura. Are you brave enough to stand against him? Read more about challenging Hawari from Battle page!
    Pay mind, that Hawari is an NPC with Marquess -rank, so he doesn't have starter benefits or guaranteed successful breeding.
  • Mozzetta / Mz
    Hawari brings with him our new common marking: Mozzetta
    Remember, that if you still have unused semicustoms, you cannot use Mozzetta. Launch semicustoms can only use genetics that were available in the launch. Currently the only way to get Mozzetta is through Hawari.
  • Our first ever custom import, known as Raindancer, got a new home with player EnigmaSecrets, congratulations! 
  • Lost Centaur Genos got their own infopage, finally!
  • New breeding items + activity loot !
    Love is for everyone. Potionbrewers have been working hard to provide us with amazing new breeding boosters:
    Progeny's Solution - Allows to determine One (1) offspring's sex in a breeding. Doesn't guarantee successful breeding
    - Heart's Oath - Allows breeding same sex centaurs, but doesn't guarantee successful breeding. Always gives 1 offspring, even when used on Starters. Cannot be combined with Gift of Siblings or Thrice Trick.
    - Eleventh hour's Spell - Allows owner to change centaurs sex before it has been designed and approved. Cannot be applied to centaur which has been approved through design approvals, or uploaded to masterlist.
    - Mirror of True Self - Allows owner to use import art of opposite sex than the genotype has. Can be applied to already uploaded centaurs.

    Currently these items are available through crafting, Breeding treasure chest, or from Rankings with free-to-choose rewards. 

    With these new crafting recipes, we have also added some new ingredients which can be found as loot from out existing activities: Green Carnation (Grassland Explore), Animal Heart (Hunting Survival), Inscribed Ring (Culture), Mortar and pestle (Culture), Sagian Barley (Gathering Survival), Starfish (Seashore Explore), Turtle shell (Fishing Survival), Ice Butterfly (North mountain Explore), Crystal mirror (Culture), Chip of Meteorite (Forestland Explore)

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  • Please remember to submit all entries, be it Healing, Breeding or activity related, to processing queue only after the piece has been accepted to the group and you have received the EXP roll from it

  • Reminder related to above, that please remember to fill out exp form in all entries, and link the centaur ;). This makes processing things faster for you and us. 

  • Literature exp count reminder: Your centaur will receive points when they are actively part of story. If there's large chunks where the focus is solely on other character/s, those parts won't give exp to the other centaur. 

Website Updates

  • One Research entry can feature max. 4 centaurs. Each centaur counts for 1 Research point.
  • EXP Tracker clarification: members don't need to submit the artwork and exp points to the trackers. Admins do these as entries are processed for exp.
  • Rewording for "Other centaur bonus" and "Other ARPG creature": "needs to be owned by you or another player ". It was previously unclear if self-owned centaurs/creatures counted for this bonus
  • Treasure Hunter -trait rewording: This trait affects Exploring, Survival and Culture. It doesn't affect Battles or Research.
  • Villages: Entries needed for leveling up villages need to be pieces that are created after the village has officially been created. Old entries from time before the village cannot be used.
    Centaur needs to be linked in the villages tracker to be eligible for the villager bonuses!
  • Village professions: If multiple centaurs with the same profession are present in same entry, the one with highest level on the profession has it activated. 
  • Diurnal & Nocturnal trait: Now include morning and evening! Diurnal includes mornings, and Nocturnal includes evenings.