15. November - More admins please


Hello dearest Sagifolk! This mid-month update is fairly small, main topic being:

  • 2 x Admin positions open!
    Hop here to read more about admin position requirements and how to apply.

    If you have applied before and are still interested in joining Sagistaff, please send us a new application, thank you! 

    As the Sagistaff team is settling on admin duties and fitting them with their IRL duties, we have realized that there's still more space left for some active coworkers. This seems to be our theme to open admin positions every few months.  

Misc updates

  • Sabino was missing from Hue's rules: Like Pinto, Sabino cannot have a gradient created by Hue -marking.
  • Rewording on Free Area design rules. Tails can be designed to mimic markings that are present on the main body. Previous wording sounded like only markings on the centaurs rump can flow to tail. 
  • Other centaur and other EXP bonuses don't activate from pagedolls, a background is needed. This has been updated to Exp page.

And that's all for now! Short and cute mini updates.
See you again in the beginning of December, stay warm!