18. July - Last week of Launch, Updates & Reminders


And so time has passed, and Isle of Sagittari has reached it's final week of the Launch Fest!

The Launch Fest will end 24. July. 8pm EEST (UTC+3) Not sure what that's on your timezone? Check this countdown!

I personally want to already thank you all for the amazingly successful launch! There has been much more traffic, adopted centaurs, and semi customs than I could ever have dreamed of. This large influx of people has also caused some queues and waiting, and I want to thank you all for your patience.

Amazing game is formed by amazing community, led by dedicated admins. So let's all continue giving our best, staying in our best behavior, and share the joy of Sagittari centaurs! ♥

If you have plans to do launch shopping, enter the raffles, or adopt a special lineageless centaur, now it's your time to act!

But before that, there's some important reminders and updates!



This final week will be when the Launch raffles will be raffled and given out, very exciting! To make it easier for you to follow when the raffles are, we have made countdowns for each ones:

Starter Slot Voucher Raffles -counter

BRONZE Semi custom bundle Raffles -counter

SILVER Semi custom bundle Raffles -counter

GOLD Semi custom bundle Raffles -counter

You can find all the information and how to enter in Launch Fest info journal.


Launch Shop

The Launch Shop will close the same time as the official Launch Fest as well. You can post purchase requests until that deadline. All shop purchases will still be processed after the time ends, and the 10 day payment deadline stands. You can redeem semi custom points into official genotypes even after the Launch Fest ends, as the semi custom redeem thread won't close.



Private messages to staff

I need to emphasize that sending private messages to admins on our Discord is for serious matters only, and in those cases you should always approach the founder first. Please remember that the admins are doing volunteer work, and unsolicited private messages can be very stressful.


Please don't approach the staff via private message unless you feel the matter is highly important, confidential or delicate. Best way to contact the admin team with delicate matters is to either privately message the founder, or send the group a note.

This is not a callout and I don't want to cause upset or stress. This is to avoid extra work for the amazing SagiStaff, and let us separate our volunteer work from their freetime.


When to apply customization items and mod your taur

Remember that you can customize your centaur only after it has been officially approved through design approvals, and uploaded to @SagittariAdmin masterlist.

This reminder is to avoid the unfortunate jumping back-and-forth of asking members to resubmit their centaur to design approvals without their modifications.


Checking if design will pass before design approvals in Discord's help channel

Is highly not recommended. Admins won't give direct answers to these questions. Every final decision will be made in Design Approvals. You can discuss with other members if you need help with markings, but admins won't give official answers.

This is to make sure confusions won't happen, and that there won't be extra work for admins.


Picturing your centaur differently without official customization

Is allowed! Within limits of course. The centaur needs to remain identifiable in their artwork, and cannot be drawn extremely different than their original import.



There has been many small updates added to the site! See the list below:

  • MARKING RANGES have finally been moved away from the Marking Rules list, and sit now neatly behind their own banner.

  • Clarification for Stars: they do indeed glow!

  • Refined limits for Body Build Modifier: The modded anatomy still needs to match the original import's species and anatomy, and the modifications can't be too extreme

  • Clarifications and a helping handy guide has been added to Art Rules related to stamp on -brushes.

  • Import comments explanations have been added to the end of Design Approval page.

  • Clarification to professions: it is not allowed to overlap free-to-choose professions with the official profession titles. They need to remain clearly separate.

  • Clarification on what is a Marking Edge and what is an Edge Effect on General design guide.

  • Added guides on how to apply and what to remember with member owned Map marker applications.

  • Reminder and clarification added to General design guide's Nuances -part, that Shading your import is not allowed. There can be some very slight shading tones, but you need to be careful with them.

  • Clarifications to Horns mutations modding rules

  • Clarifications added to some Traits.

And a big pile of smaller little corrections, clarifications and rewordings, based on topics brought up in our Discord!


Phew, that was quite a lot now! I hope you made it here and read through everything I wrote. All these updates and reminders are for bettering the game, to make it a better and easier to understand experience for you all. Thank you for being part of Isle of Sagittari! ♥ - Routa