Stars / Sta

Cold white  - Warm Dusk
Cold white - Warm Dusk

Stars is a gene that creates glowing shiny star like dots all around the centaurs body.

Marking edge

Stars inner dots should be sharp, but they can have a soft/blended glow around them.

Marking rules

  • Stars are always desaturated and white/off-white in color, no matter of basecolor.
  • If affected by Melanism, Stars gene falls "under" the mutation and needs to be significantly dimmer.
    If affected by Erythrism, Stars can have a red-toned hue on it's glow.
    Albinism however doesn't affect Stars.
  • Stars has no layering rules.
  • Stars can cover at least 10%, up to max 90% of the centaur.

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Stars can create shining freckles on centaurs face