1. May - Release the bears!


Would you believe me if I said we didn't plan these updates to be this big? 
We have already made it to May, and second month of Divine Retrial! You still have this full month of time to survive against the rampaging giant, but keep your eye on the countdown counter when we're getting closer to last days. 

And before we realize it, summer and our first Anniversary is right behind the corner! There won't be any anniversary event, as I bet what our Sagians and you all need after the Divine Retrial is some rest. But there is other goodies in plans! ♥

It's been almost a year of Sagittari madness now. We have observed how things work, what parts of the game you members like and don't like. As summer starts to roll, there probably will be changes made and polishing done around the game mechanics ( I think there's whispers in the wind that maybe comic rules might need some rework first and foremost? ) ;)

And we are starting with these polishing works right away, as many of the markings have got some finetuning! Just in time, as Ursine centaur imports have been released, and an after-event shop will open on JUNE! In case you want a head start for that, I can give a hint that genetic points will be the same as in previous shops.

Thank you dear Sagifolk community for your patience with us staff team and especially me. Let's continue working together to make this a good journey! 
- Routa

  • Divine Retrial: EARTH event banner was missing from Event page, it's applied now!
  • Clothing guide has finally arrived! You can find it linked in Experience Points page, and as it's own drop-down page under Exp page in navigation bar.
  • Horns Mutation got additional guides, alongside min/max base sizes and placement range.
  • Ursine imports have been published, and ranges for all markings have been updated with Ursine ranges! Have fun trying them out, and report in Error reports if the imports aren't working!

    You might notice that the ursine imports published now look a bit different from the starter import art. There was some anatomy fixes made into the import art. Ursine starters will be updated to correct import art soon! 

    And with Ursines arriving and pathway to north opening, original 4 centaur bodytypes import files have been updated with a new freezing free import background! This new background can be updated on your centaur freely through import updates

  • Potion of Rebirth has arrived! This craftable potion will allow you to redesign already approved and uploaded centaur import.
    And since this update is bringing lots of marking updates, we are giving every single member 1 x FREE Potion of Rebirth. Comment HERE to receive your free potion! These potions are account bound and can't be traded or gifted to other players, but they can be sold to in-game shop.

    Potion of Rebirth import redesigns are processed in their own bran new thread in Design Approvals! Make sure you are using the correct thread!

  • Glacier exploration area has arrived to Explorations, BUT it opens as available exploring location on JUNE!
  • Weather Phenomenon updated! Whoops, looks like we have some forest fires running around...

  • We've done some updates on injuries and their tracking!
    - Previously Weather injury rolls had the ruling of "If your centaur is already injured or ill from an activity roll with weather phenomenon modifier", this has been now changed to "any activity".
    - There was a mysterious extra ghost month haunting the injury penalty timeline, it has now been removed!

    Notification system!
    Injury timeline tracking has been lacking since the launch. This is now fixed, and sagistaff now has a tool to track injured centaurs and how long they have been injured. 
    We have created a comment thread where SadittariAdmin will comment, letting centaurs owner know if they have passed over given deadlines and their centaur suffers penalties.

  • Over time and going through submissions we've noticed that things have started to skew in some very unfair directions for some players in some aspects of the game for EXP so we've decided to make everything even for everyone and easier to monitor. 
    Previously Battles and Healing literature wordcount rules were lacking, making them unequal with their rules compared to other literature rules across the game. Now they have been updated. We also added additional literature exp rule regarding bystanders and their full bonus gain. Read more in Experience Points page!

  • We have noticed some members hiding comments in the group threads. This makes it harder for us as we then don't have a way to track what has been said and done. For future communications and game tracking, our ToS has been updated to add that any comment in the group's threads, or any personal ones that have been replied to by the admin account, should not be deleted or hidden.

And then some genetic updates!

Some ranges across the types got some finetuning. No major, large changes in any of them.

  • Harlequin was missing info on what's the minimum amount of blotches that needs to show in the design, it's applied now
  • Bicolor got detailing rule phrase of: "This marking should look natural-ish in it's design, and shouldn't depict unnatural shapes"
  • Dapple got additional phrase: "Dapple spots can sit randomly, or create chains or patterning"
  • Hue got lots of additional tips
  • Roan was missing layering rules, added
  • Previously Saddle allowed only sharp edges, but now soft edges got added as well!
  • Shaded got additional tips
  • Recolor previously had a limitation for markings with multiple colors present, that only one of the marking colors could be recolored. This limitation has been removed. If marking has multiple colors, such as Merle, all these colors can be affected by Recolor. 
  • Merle got lots of changes, mostly getting rid of restricting rules such as the "one cluster" rule. Please have a good throughout read through Merle's page!
  • Kintsugi max spread where it can travel on the body was increased from 25 -> 50%.
  • Oculus was missing min/max sizes for singular eye pattern, these have been added.
  • Stars was missing whether it can or cannot be affected by Hue and Recolor, added.

Every marking has now visual guides on if the marking needs to be solid, have holes, and if it allows complex edges or not! Markings may also have additional info attached with these visual guides.


  • A humble wish from import uploaders: Please make sure that import info text keeps it's formatting, including the bolding! Not having to manually format imports text in the upload process makes the work smoother.
  • For design requests, the designer themself needs to respond to your request claiming that they will do the design! Please don't comment yourself who the designer was as we can't verify what has happened in DMs !