1. June - Event end & Anniversary shop


Hello dearest Sagibeans, and happy anniversary month! ♥

Can you believe it's been pretty much a year already? It was on June 26th 2023 that Sagittari's launch event started. On this June, we won't have any sort of celebratory event. I believe all of us, from staffteam, to members, and all the way to our centaurs, are bit tired from the great battle against the Earth Giant. So let's take this month to just take a deep breath and recover from that ordeal. 

This June update won't have any game mechanics updates!
May threw a lot of surprising curveballs on us. We didn't have time to properly sit down and polish mechanics. But like said in May news, there will be changes made and polishing done here and there around the game during this summer.

But hey, where's Researches
Worry not, they will return soon. And we've got some pretty exciting ones cooking for you. ;)

In this update we will open the flood gates of EVENT REWARDS, as well as open ANNIVERSARY SHOP doors! 

  • Anniversary Shop is OPEN! Enter the shop HERE
    And alongside our usual goodies, a Redbubble shop is also published! 

  • New custom import marches through, say hello to Griselda!
    Enter the raffle for a chance to win this battle ready ursine import HERE

  • Ursines have their own infopage now!

  • Breeding compatibility chart has been updated with Ursines! Ursines can succesfully produce offspring with their own type, as well as with Canines! Canines will now get bit of a headstart with their match ups (other canines, felines and now ursines), but this will get balanced with future upcoming types.

  • Anniversary mutation Cherub has entered random mutation roster!
    And together with it, two new starters have appeared on the Isle. Say hello to S-021 - Cheonsa and S-022 - Malakhi! Slots to these two can be purchased through Anniversary shop, and there's a chance they will pass this winged mutation to their offspring. Cherub mutation isn't available as a semicustom mutation in this shop, BUT it's available as one of mutation options on mutated lost centaurs.

  • Mutations list got rearranged into alphabetical order.

    Oh hey, what about Chimera mutation that's been chilling there? Chimera is still under construction and won't be available as semicustom mutation in this shop! Unlike other physical mutations Chimera needs it's own rolling rules on how it is rolled on breedings. It's a tricky mutation, but once we've got it figured it out, it will enter random mutation roster.

  • Glacier exploration area is now open and welcomes all brave explorers!
  • Weather phenomenon has been updated!