15. March - Updates here and there and we need help (again)



  • Our two wonderful previous admins, Ebonmere and Azikeos have retired from the admin team. And with that, we are looking to welcome 2 x new admins into SagiStaff team! Read more on how to apply and what are our requirements for admins from Admin page!
    If you have applied on previous application rounds and are still interested, please resend your previous application or write a new one! ♥
  • We need YOUR thoughts and opinions considering our upcoming large lore event! 
    After rubbing sagistaff brains together for sparks, we came to the conclusion that we want to hear what you guys would want from the event. So please, head over here and give your answers to a questionnaire! Many aspect of the event has already been planned and are ready to go. This questionnaire and it's questions are for helping us to decide few final things. The questionnaire is optional, anonymous, and doesn't collect any information from you.
  • Hanahaki has now become a randomly occurring mutation, effect immediate! Thanks to you members completing the Hanahaki Research! Hanahaki research has been closed from new entries. Our researches don't have a new task for you right now, as the isle is brewing something completely else. Hanahaki seeds are still working as well!
  • Stars gene information on how color changing mutations affect the gene has been updated
  • Nomad page got updated with the currently available Nomad-only profession! (Fashionably late yes)
    And while we're on Nomad professions: there is some new Nomad-only professions in plans as well, and you can expect to see some arriving either during or after the next event. Depending on how busy we are!
  • Typo corrected on Species page
  • Weather Phenomenon update:
    Due to it's unique game mechanic, art/lit with the Weather bonus cannot have their EXP changed/edited to match AR requirements after they have been accepted into the group. Why I hear you asking? When you remove a piece from the group for EXP recounting, you must remove it from the tracker entirely. However, Weather Injuries are applied on the tracker comment during acceptance into the group, so removing the comment means that the 'proof' of the injury is lost which can lead to confusion/repeated injury/unfair rollings. 

Reminders, Wishes & Heads-ups

  • Suggestions Box:
    I have observed that suggestion box has been used as a place to vent frustration towards staff or rules, drop snarky comments on, questions have been dropped there, and needs for help which I can't provide on anonymous suggestion form. 
    PLEASE remember what the suggestions form is for: suggestions related to improving the game
    Comments of "I don't like this" or "this is unfair" don't help me to move your ideas forward when I don't get the full picture or what the precise problem is. 
  • Upcoming rule changes:
    We have heard your feedback, observed and noticed a lot of confusing rules, unbalance and loopholes in many areas related to EXP. Both in literature and in artworks. As exp is such an important area of the game, we will take our time to plan these changes thoroughly. 
    Currently our corrections system for entries not fulfilling AR requirements is clumsy, unclear and just doesn't make any sense. This system will get revamped in nearby future!
  • Questions
    We have been seeing a lot of repeated questions in our discord servers admin-help -channel that are answered on the website or could be better asked in the community help channel lately. While we understand things can be a bit confusing sometimes, please try to look for your questions on the website, in the community help channel or in the history of the admin-help channel before posting to the admin-help channel since it's quite possible your question has already been answered somewhere! We also have Questions & Errors page here on our website with some often asked questions. This page has been neglected a bit, sorry for that, but I will start updating it with frequently asked questions.